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     Mulch                                                                Pick Up Price                 Regular Price
     Organic Triple Ground                                   $25.99/yard                      $30.00/yard

         Black Dyed                                                     $29.99/yard                      $34.99/yard
    Screened Field Topsoil                                          $27.99/yard                       $34.99/yard
    Aged Mushroom Topsoil                                        $34.99/yard                       $37.99/yard
    Red 3/4" and 3/8"                                                  $54.99/yard                        $59

    River Jack 3/4" and 1-3"                                        $64.99/yard                        $69.99/yard
    Modified Grey                                                                   $27.99/yard                        $34.99/yard

    Screening                                                              $27.99/yard                       $34.99/yard
    Bar Sand (very fine for under pool)                        $29.99/yard                       $34.99/yard

                                      CALL for Details on Delivery 215-295-6662


    **Bag and plant delivery fee are for dumped/placed in driveway only.  Additional fee for hand
     unloading & stacking of up to $40 per additional employee.  ***Pallets of stone "dumped" only.

Common Mulch/Stone Questions:

  • 1 ton of stone or sand cover approx. 80 sq. ft x 2" deep
  • 1 cubic yard of mulch covers approx. 100 sq. ft. x 3" deep OR 150 sq.ft. x 2" deep
  • Our drivers will only dump on your driveway or just off the driveway
  • If you would like it dumped anywhere off of the paved surface, you must sign a waiver.
  • If the truck gets stuck or damaged including towing expense, customer is responsible for all cost incurred.
  • Off driveway dumping will be at the Driver's discretion only

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