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Nursery Guarantee

Our goal is to provide the best possible plant and nursery material. We stand behind our products with a one-time replacement for Six-Months on all nursery stock purchased and installed by the customer. We double our warranty if our landscape team comes out to provide the planting service for you. The following conditions must be met for your replacement to be provided:

  • The plant is returned to the store or a picture is provided to ensure the health and location along with it's accompanying receipt 
  • You have followed our instructions from our Planting Brochure
  • Plants are watered and cared for properly
  • We have been notified at the first sign of stress to ensure the best care
  • Plant must be planted in the correct manner conducive to the species (Sun/shade tolerance, soil conditions, plant depth etc.)
  • Loss of plant due to Acts of God, nature, pests, or causes beyond our control are not covered
  • Plant is installed in a timely manner after purchase


  • Annuals, tropicals, and season plants
  • Christmas trees and greens
  • Perennials, Roses, Crepe Myrtles
  • Bulbs
  • Grass seeds and sod
  • Any Items planted or left in containers
  • Any and all Discounted/Sale material
  • Indoor Plants

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