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Lawn and Garden Supplies

In addition to our nursery, we carry a full line of products to take care of all of your gardening needs. Our garden center staff in Yardley can help show you the best product to meet your need. 

Some products we carry:

  • Straw Bales
  • A wide array of lawn and garden chemicals, fertilizers, and pest controls
  • Fresh sod by the roll or pallet
  • Tools like shovels, pruners, and rakes including other specialty gardening tools like Felco and Stihl
  • Indoor house plant soils, pots, and chemicals
  • Bulk and Bagged Stone, Soil, and Mulch
  • Organic soils, fertilizers, and plant foods
  • Many colors and sizes of landscape pottery
  • Full range of Espoma Products like Hollytone
  • Weed Killer and Pre-emergent like Preen

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